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Senior writer at VMS, GlobalData. Previously feature writer at Just Style. TABBIE Honourable Mention winner. BA (Open) in English | BSc (Hons) in Geosciences. Also a graphic designer with certificates in Digital Marketing and Social Media. Lives by the beach.

Fi Forrest

How digital cockpit technology is shaping the future of EV 

Sowmya Gopal, HERE Technologies’ Head of Automotive Applications, talks to Just-Auto about the latest developments in automotive navigation software, and how it is so much more than just finding your way around.

Range anxiety: Will using predictive technology solve one of the core challenges of EVs? 

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption increases so does demand for charging infrastructure, which may lead to drivers waiting in lines, or worse, finding charge points unavailable on arrival. Advances in predictive technology may provide the confidence users need as to where their next charge is coming from.

Why license plate reader (LPR) systems can, and should, do more for your agency than just collect plate reads 

License plate readers can do so much more for law enforcement than their name suggests. Using LPR data, agencies can deploy intelligent algorithms to analyze vehicle travel patterns, helping to close investigations faster and disrupt criminal trafficking.

A sword and shield: How technology helps RFT “deliver outcomes”

For Darren Wood, General Manager of leading Australian based road transport business Ron Finemore Transport (RFT), knowing its drivers are safe and protected from fatigue and distraction by sophisticated technology means his teams’ operations have one less thing to worry about.

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR): The four biggest challenges for law enforcement agencies

Cost-effective and efficient, ALPR is used for traffic monitoring, crime detection, finding missing children and protecting citizens. So, what is stopping all agencies from implementing a system?

The future is now: driverless road freight and Highly Automated Driving (HAD)

Tim Wouda and Sjoerd Spaargaren, specialists in Automated Driving at HERE Technologies discuss the rise of autonomous trucking and the need for location intelligence like high-definition maps.

Remote site evaluations: upgrading automotive manufacturing facilities for EVs

The future of the automotive industry is electric. With plans to phase out combustion engines within the next 15 years or sooner, automotive manufacturers must update their production facilities to meet new demands and standards for EVs. Any upgrades or alterations typically require inspections to determine the feasibility, which can take considerable planning, time, and expense. We examine how remote site inspections can make a significant difference.