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THE WEEK THAT WAS: Active safety in the spotlight

There was an interesting development in the area of active safety and emerging advanced driver assistance technologies last week....

Regulatory concerns grow in China

There's something going on in China that could weaken the outlook for margins and profitability in what has been a major source of profitabi...

COMMENT: What is normal in Russian maelstrom?

After weeks of what has seemed a phoney war of words between both sides, the stakes are starting to ramp up considerably between Russia and...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: The August harvest...

The news this week was a mixed bag with some positives and negatives....

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Political instability in the east 8 Aug 2014

Graeme Roberts

Political instability and shaky industrial relations were among the issues that bubbled up on this week.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Europe, slowly, on the up? 1 Aug 2014

Graeme Roberts

While the Next Problem seems to be South America, judging by the number of times it's mentioned in the results statements for the last quarter, there are signs that, after the pain, there's some gain in Europe, at last.

COMMENT: NUMSA strike rhetoric needs injection of hope 28 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

As sticking points go, South Africa's so-called 'peace clause' has proved exceptionally tricky to shift.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Results season again 25 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

We are now in the midst of what I like to call slash-your-wrists or lose-the-will-to-live season and it can apply equally to whether you are issuing or writing up a sometimes seemingly interminable series of quarterly results.

COMMENT: No political football for new Business Minister 21 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

Much like supporting a football team, just when you think it's all going swimmingly and your club's in for a period of stability - and hopefully success - bang - the rug is pulled from underneath.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Roasting in Kia's Mojave oven 18 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

Memo to self - be a little less facetious. Put 'off on a desert safari' in my Skype status to explain my absence and was greeted on return with 'how was your vacation?' from several who had apparently envisaged Sheikh Roberts wafting gently across the Sahara on a camel. Nope, I was in the Mojave, being (willingly) baked alive by Kia.

COMMENT: High time NUMSA ended permanent state of war with employers? 17 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

Is the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) interested in promoting its members' conditions and working with employers in a country where union rights for all are still a relatively fledging concept, or is it more concerned with establishing some sort of Marxist State?

COMMENT: Has ZF set the M&A hare running with TRW? 15 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

Is ZF Friedrichshafen's mooted takeover of TRW Automotive a ploy to smooth the peaks and troughs of any future recession?

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Advanced technologies in the news and behind it 11 Jul 2014

Dave Leggett

The boffins at Jaguar Land Rover revealed this week that they have come up with something akin to an on-board assistant built into your car.

COMMENT: Electric avenue fires Formula E into life 9 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

Michelin's quite fond of using the phrase "track to street" - it's a nifty way to neatly encapsulate what the tyre manufacturer is trying to do with its move into, well, if not quite Formula 1, then its electric cousin, Formula E.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: More GM recalls 4 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

General Motors started this week by continuing to honour CEO Mary Barra's oft-repeated promise - which is essentially to make good any car not good - so back to US dealers will go another 400,000-odd locally (and even Australian)-made cars for fixes various.

COMMENT: UK wrestles with Brexit/Scotland dilemma 3 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

In the - presumably now smoke-free - corridors of the European Commission (EC) last week - Britain's Prime Minister - with his Hungarian counterpart - raged against the leviathan machine of Brussels - and lost.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Interview time 27 Jun 2014

Graeme Roberts

We've been hearing from several key auto industry chiefs this week.

COMMENT: UK docklands spirit evokes back to the future 27 Jun 2014

Simon Warburton

Britain's Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) Meet the Buyer event in London's rejuvenated docklands area this week was an apt choice of venue given the topics up for discussion.

COMMENT: 'Spontaneous deployment of air bags' 26 Jun 2014

Graeme Roberts

Spontaneous deployment of air bags. Not a nice thought, especially for a young woman in Georgia.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Similar superminis 20 Jun 2014

Graeme Roberts

Being more or less permanently welded to the just-auto newsdesk, I don't get out much though, after this week's experience of overcrowded trains, airports and Dutch motorways, that's probably not a bad idea. But I was briefly cut free again, this time to go try Toyota's new tiddler.

COMMENT: 'New Saab summer' sees suppliers fire warning shot 19 Jun 2014

Simon Warburton

It's all starting to sound eerily reminiscent of two and a half years ago up in the stretches of northern Europe.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: An electrifying experience in a Nissan van 13 Jun 2014

Graeme Roberts

I have been indulging my fetish for electrified vehicles this week, heading for sunny Barcelona to see what happens when the powertrain and various other bits of Nissan's Leaf, a personal favourite, are stuffed into the NV200 van.

COMMENT: Russian monogorods blink in market glare 11 Jun 2014

Simon Warburton

Only a few years ago, the vast, sprawling factory that is home to AvtoVAZ in Togliatti, apparently accounted for a staggering one in seven of the population in this central western city in Russia.

COMMENT: Corporate turnaround and renewal from within 9 Jun 2014

Dave Leggett

I was in Brussels last week for the Automotive News Europe Congress. One strong theme that emerged was corporate turnaround and the kinds of things that company leaders need to do in an industry as highly competitive as automotive.

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