Gefco has acquired XPAuto for an undisclosed sum.

The deal has seen Gefco take a 100% stake in the firm, with all operations led out of the UK.

XPAuto provides automotive services with a suite of digital platforms. Working with OEMs, resellers and corporate organisations, it manages the lifecycle of a demo fleet vehicle including booking, delivery, collection, repair and de-fleeting.

XPAuto also provides bespoke fleet services for press and events – including single vehicle launches – as well as premium retail handovers.

The acquisition will see Gefco UK integrate XPAuto’s digital platforms, XPAssetSmart and XPAssetCare, into existing platforms as part of a plan to build an IT network between both companies. The suite of fleet management tools enables scheduling and asset management capability alongside a range of customer facing applications.

With the adoption of autoXP’s services, Gefco UK will extend its proposition as a provider of services for vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle further. This complements Gefco’s Moovecar offering, its brand dedicated to in-life vehicle management, which delivers services ranging from last mile delivery to refurbishment and maintenance.

As part of the deal, Gefco UK will also leverage XPAuto’s client portfolio and its employees, retaining CEO, Oliver Woodmansee and the existing management team, which has led the XPAuto business through its ‘Go To’ strategy. In the UK, XPAuto will continue to operate using its brand from its 8,000m2, 1,500 bay compound in the Midland’s Chipping Warden.

“Gefco’s 70-year expertise in automotive logistics and XPAutos’ smart solutions and demofleet expertise are highly complementary,” said Gefco CEO, Luc Nadal.

“We look forward to growing the business in the UK and exploring ways for our mobility customers to benefit from our phygital [combining physical capabilities and digital technologies] solutions in more countries in the future.

“At Gefco, one of our key principles is to support our clients with colleagues who are integrated and focused on knowledge-sharing across different elements of our business. XPAuto’s new expertise, technology, services and knowledge will provide an important contribution to this.”