ZF says it is bundling activities which will shape the future of e-mobility into its new ‘E-Mobility Division’ which will be focused on market opportunities in China.

 At the start of 2016, ZF combined all activities regarding e-mobility solutions within the new division, whose focus is to develop and produce highly-integrated solutions worldwide; from hybrid to all-electric axle drives for passenger cars. The portfolio also includes electronic transmission control units and their associated control elements. With this, ZF says it is leading the way to becoming one of the leading e-mobility suppliers in China by 2020.

“By bringing all activities relating to the electrification of cars and commercial vehicles under one roof, we are giving a clear message to the market in terms of the huge significance of these future technologies,” says ZF CEO Dr. Stefan Sommer. “E-mobility is coming – and may be closer than we think given the current debate on car emissions and legal limits.” The new E-division and its corporate structure shows how seriously ZF is taking the step-change from conventional drive technology to e-mobility, according to Sommer.

The Electronic Systems and Electric Traction Drive business units form the core of the new E-Mobility division. The division also includes an ‘E-Mobility system house’, which bundles various e-mobility projects from the entire ZF Group.

“With many automotive markets worldwide, e-mobility is still a niche market,” says Jörg Grotendorst, Head of the new ZF E-Mobility Division. “However, this will quickly change when lawmakers introduce stricter international emissions limits in the coming years.” The demand for electrically-powered vehicles will also grow rapidly in China.

“We want to be one of the leading e-mobility suppliers in China by 2020,” says Grotendorst. With this goal, the division has already established sales and development structures, and the on-site team, which ZF says benefits from the ZF Group’s existing strong presence in China, will be further expanded in the coming years. The objective is to localise in regards to developing and producing solutions required by the market.