Wabco Holdings announced it had completed the acquisition of RH Sheppard, a supplier of steering technologies for commercial vehicles. This followed the successful conclusion of the required regulatory review.

Sheppard currently offers a range of power-steering for heavy duty commercial and speciality vehicles. Employing more than 900 at US factories in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and Wytheville, Virginia, Sheppard also provides engine pumps and remanufacturing services.

The company is vertically integrated with its own manufacturing and foundry capabilities.

Sheppard now will be fully integrated into Wabco's North America business unit, with its technology becoming part of the latter's Vehicle Dynamics and Controls business.

Wabco said full dynamic control of commercial vehicles – lateral and longitudinal – is necessary to progressively achieve the industry's vision of autonomous driving. The acquisition of Sheppard is a key step toward providing lateral control through active steering, which is a cornerstone that complements ability to control longitudinal movement through active braking, stability and suspension control systems.

Wabco also announced it had signed a long term cooperation agreement with intuitive motion control specialist Nexteer Automotive based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Wabco and Nexteer will collaborate to develop and supply active steering systems for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles using Nexteer's MagnaSteer actuation technology. Both companies will integrate the proven technology with Sheppards power steering gears.