Israeli company UVEYE has expanded its automotive scanning capabilities with its new tyre inspection system, Artemis.

As well as improving the efficiency and accuracy of tyre inspection, the system offers significant enhancements to vehicle safety and compliance, the manufacturer claims.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Artemis comprises two tyre scanners that stand at the side of the vehicle while it drives past. In a matter of seconds, the system reads and recognises the tyre brand, markings and technical specification, as well as crucial safety-related data such as tyre condition, pressure, abrasion and scratches. In addition, the device is able to compare the pressure of each tyre to the manufacturer’s standards and measurements, and report any incorrect pressure levels. The system can even provide a comparison of all of the vehicle’s tyres to determine any irregularities.

Presented with information and a high-resolution image that highlights any faults or anomalies, technicians and fleet operators can take the necessary steps to repair or replace vehicle tyres.

Amir Hever, CEO of UVeye, said: “We have taken another step towards building a unified platform, based on artificial intelligence, for the automated inspection of vehicles. Our contracts with Toyota Tsusho and Volvo, as well as ongoing discussions with over 20 car manufacturers and tier one suppliers, are testament to the strength of our technology and how it is changing the automotive security, safety and maintenance landscape.”

Artemis is suitable for commercial vehicle and passenger car fleets to improve the efficiency and accuracy of tyre inspection. The system will be used for the first time by bus fleet operator Kavim in Israel, while many international companies and tyre manufacturers have also expressed interest in the technology.

Having raised $31m in a recent funding round led by Toyota Tsusho, Volvo Cars and WR Berkley Corporation, UVeye will use this investment to support the deployment of the Artemis system worldwide.

Artemis adds a further dimension to UVeye’s scanning capabilities. The company’s technology provides automatic scanning of vehicles, identifying anomalies, modifications and foreign objects on all sides of a vehicle in motion in a matter of seconds. UVeye’s system is able to detect vehicle defects, including scratches, oil leaks and rust, and now it offers a comprehensive analysis of the tyres as well. The results provide a thorough and accurate examination of the vehicle, including the history of the vehicle and its parts. UVeye’s technology can be used throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle and is deployed all over the world by car manufacturers, fleet managers, car rental companies and used car companies.

UVeye’s technology was initially for the security industry in order to detect dangerous conditions like weapons, explosives, or other threats.

The current range of products includes the original undercarriage application Helios.