Toyota is considering developing a hybrid petrol-electric version of its next-generation Tundra large pickup, a top US sales executive told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“We’re exploring those possibilities for a full-size truck. I think the most intriguing powertrain is a full hybrid for a full-size truck,” Toyota Motor Sales executive vice president Jim Press reportedly said in a telephone interview with the newspaper. “It should make a lot of sense.”

According to the WSJ, Press said he believes even pickup drivers – who typically pay premiums for big horsepower and towing capacity – will care enough about fuel economy that there would be enough demand to justify making the Tundra a hybrid vehicle.

The Wall Street Journal said the hybrid Tundra would likely arrive in showrooms after Toyota launches the redesigned pickup in a few years. The hybrid would be part of a range of petrol-electric vehicles Toyota is planning for the US market, the paper added.