Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, invented and patented by Ovonic Battery Company, Inc. of Troy, Michigan, (Ovonic Battery), a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) (Nasdaq: ENER), are clearly the batteries of choice among manufacturers of electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EVs, HEVs) which were on display, and available for ride and drive, at this year’s International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition, EVS-17, held in Montreal, Canada. The NiMH battery has been selected because of its high energy (more than twice that of lead acid), high power, long cycle life, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly design.

Some participants at EVS-17 came by electric vehicles powered with Ovonic NiMH batteries — some driven from as far away as Los Angeles, California. Two General Motors EV-1 electric vehicles made the 3,000-mile trip in seven days. One vehicle was driven by Mr. David Swan and Mr. William Korthof; the other, by Mr. Greg Hanson. All three men are avid EV supporters. The cars were driven on interstate and secondary roads, at normal highway speeds staying with traffic flow.

With a significantly more aggressive driving schedule than typically used for electric vehicles, this demonstrates the dependability and reliability of modern production electric vehicles and the capability of high-energy, long- life Ovonic NiMH batteries. Mr. Swan, commenting on the trip, said, “It was an enjoyable drive, and recharging at overnight stops and during lunch breaks provided a driving range of 120-160 miles per charge, thanks to the very efficient vehicle and its high-energy Ovonic NiMH batteries.” To minimize recharging times during the day, battery charging was limited to about 80% of full battery capacity. The entire cross-country drive used $60 worth of electricity, or 2 cents per mile (assuming 8 cents per kWh and vehicle usage of 250 wh/mile). “You would not normally use an EV for this trip,” said Mr. Hanson, “but it proves how reliable and dependable the Ovonic NiMH batteries are.” The vehicles were on display throughout the symposium which concluded today.

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