biggest change to the hot-selling Chrysler PT Cruiser for 2002 is the availability
of – we kid you not – optional flame accents.

Chrysler says customers can now order their cars with factory-fitted “subtle
tone-on-tone flames rippling over the hood and front fenders.”


"The PT Cruiser has been enthusiastically received in the custom car community,"
said Chrysler/Jeep division vice-president Tom Marinelli.

"The optional flames are a great way to extend that excitement to our
entire PT Cruiser customer base.

“For those who love customised cars, this is a great way to rekindle that

“There’s an entire customer base that has never personalised a vehicle
and this is a fun way to start."



Coordinating flames are available in four exterior colour choices.

The vinyl flames are applied after vehicles leave the paint shop at Chrysler’s
Toluca assembly plant in Mexico and are covered under the three-year/36,000-mile

The suggested retail price is $US495.

Other Chrysler 2002 model year upgrades include a DVD video system for minivans
and the first side curtain air bags on a full-size pickup.

For the new model year, 75 percent of Chrysler’s SUV and truck models
will be available with side curtain air bags.

The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty, the Dodge Durango and the new Ram
regular cab and quad cab pickups will be offered with side curtain air bags
that deploy from the headliner and cover most of the glass area in both the
first and second rows of the vehicle.

The curtains offer supplemental protection from head injuries to outboard passengers
in both rows in the event of a side impact and, unlike front air bags, the side
curtain bags are triggered independently of each other.



Chrysler will also offer a DVD rear seat video entertainment system in 2002

The system will be sold through Chrysler’s Mopar replacement parts division.
It is integrated into the dashboard and plays both video DVDs and audio CDs.

Chrysler says that having the DVD player in-dash eliminates the need for a
separate video cassette player and the system leaves adults in charge of changing
discs which discourages back seat passengers and children from unbuckled movement
within the cabin.

A remote control is included to further discourage unbuckled passenger movement.

An auxiliary input integrated into the middle row side window trim panel accommodates
a video camera, portable CD player and home video game players such as the Nintendo
64 and Sony PlayStation.

The DVD entertainment system fits both 2001 and 2002 models and will go on
sale in September of this year at $US1,650 plus dealer installation (approximately

The system will be covered by the new vehicle’s three year/36,000 mile warranty.
The video cassette player currently available will continue on sale at $1,400
plus installation.

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