The National Indian Business Association (NIBA) today presented its 1st Annual “Environmental Stewardship” Award for leadership excellence in global environmental preservation and conservation to General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM). NIBA President and CEO Pete Homer presented the Award at NIBA’s 8th Annual Business Conference and Trade Show, held at the Town and Country Resort Hotel in San Diego. Dennis R. Minano, GM Vice President and Chief Environmental Officer, accepted the Award for the company during the Conference’s Luncheon Awards Ceremony.

In presenting the Award, Homer cited General Motors’ historical leadership role in developing advanced vehicle emission control technologies and industrial processes. “From GM’s early leadership role in developing the catalytic converter to its introduction here in California of the first dedicated electric powered vehicle for mass consumer sales, General Motors has been a leader in the forefront of environmental protection,” Mr. Homer said.

“Environmental protection has been and continues to be a historical and sacred part of Indian culture. In advancing our partnership with Corporate America to bring jobs and economic growth and prosperity to Indian Country, we will aspire to those standards and goals that balance environmental, social and economic considerations, exemplified by General Motors,” Mr. Homer said.

NIBA, a 100-percent Native American-controlled non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1992. Its mission is to promote Native American business development through education, communication and training. NIBA serves as a resource for networking, communications and marketing and as a clearinghouse for activities among its 24,000 Native American businesses. Through these and other efforts, NIBA has gained national recognition as a non-profit organization offering access to the Native American business community.