Ford unveiled the latest in its series of limited edition Focus cars with the introduction of the Focus Street Edition at the Miami Auto Show today. Focus Street Edition incorporates fashion, music and fun to attract the Echo Boom generation. As part of the ongoing episodic Focus launch, Detroit Techno music will become a focal point for the overall Focus marketing campaign.

Focus Street Edition features a European-tuned suspension, black body kit, 6-disc in-dash CD changer, sport bucket seats as well as 16 inch six-spoke machined aluminum wheels and a chrome exhaust tip.

On the exterior, the front chin, rocker panels, bodyside moldings and lower rear fascia are in black. Colors are Infra-Red, and for the first time on sedan and Wagon, Egg Yolk Yellow and Malibu Blue.Street Edition uses the same springs, dampers and anti-roll bars found in the European Focus, offering driving enthusiasts enhanced agility, stability and precision handling.

Inside, it features sport bucket seats with European-style diamond patterned seat inserts. A silver-masked instrument cluster, radio bezel, door accents and a silver shift knob highlight the interior package.”

Street Edition combines elements that we feel people who love to drive will embrace. This car has stylistic qualities as well as great driving dynamics that set it apart from the crowd,” said Focus Brand Manager Bob Fesmire.

Music a Key for Young Consumers

Focus has been a hit with young car buyers, with almost half the buyers age 35 or younger. Focus marketing revolves around fashion, music and summer fun, all designed to appeal to young consumers. Street Edition is an important part of the overall marketing effort, and it will use an exciting new sound from Detroit to appeal to young consumers.”

Since the Focus is attracting younger, more diverse buyers, we wanted to continue to develop marketing programs that fit the personality and lifestyle of our target buyers,” said Fesmire. “Detroit Techno is a music style that is recognized by young people around the world. We know that music is one of the biggest passions for our young car buyers, so it made sense for us to incorporate a unique music element in our campaign.”

Focus and Street Edition will feature an image exclaiming “Detroit Techno” on posters and in print ads.

The Street Edition is the third in a series of Focus statement cars built since Focus was launched in the U.S. last year. The Sony Limited Edition Focus and the Kona Mountain Bike Edition were the first two statement cars.

There will be only 7,500 total Street Editions built with approximately 85 percent of them available as a Sedan. With an MSRP of $15,750 (Sedan) and $17,745 (Wagon), these statement edition vehicles will be sold nationwide beginning in December.Ford Focus was the first car ever to be named both North American and European Car of the Year.

Ford expects Focus to appeal to a tremendously diverse group of buyers. Setting new standards for small car roominess, comfort, driving dynamics and stylish appearance, the Focus is priced from $12,590 for the three-door ZX3 to $16,700 for the wagon. It is available as a three-door, sedan and station wagon.