Ford has stretched the USA’s most popular taxi, the Crown Victoria sedan, to produce a 2002 model year long wheelbase version.

The stretched ‘Crown Vic’ has an extra 7.7 cubic feet of space for rear cabin passengers and hand luggage but, if you fancy one for private use, forget it; the longer body is being built only for the taxi and livery trade.

The extra half-foot (about 15cm) of wheelbase provides extra legroom – said by Ford to be especially important in markets that require full partitions – plus larger rear doors with bigger windows. The stretched chassis is new and the taxi specification includes heavy duty springs and shock absorbers plus an oil cooler.

The Crown Vic dominates the taxi sedan market with a 65 percent share.

Like other versions of the big Ford sedan, the long-wheelbase taxi is built in the St. Thomas Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada.

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