Of the top 50 vehicles researched on the Kelley Blue Book Website, the redesigned Ford Explorer ranked number one in the SUV category and number six over all according to the latest monthly statistics published by Kelley.

Kelley Blue Book said its Website had over four million visitors last month with a large percentage showing interest in SUVs and full-sized pickups. Requests for pricing reports related to the Explorer fell just behind those for the full-sized Chevrolet and Ford Pickups, the Honda Accord and Civic and the Toyota Camry.

The public’s appetite for SUVs does not seem to be slowing, as the popular vehicles comprise a full 40% of the top 50 vehicle pricing reports requested. Pickup trucks received 20%, passenger cars 32% and minivans and luxury cars the remaining 8%.

Based in Irvine, California, Kelley Blue Book is used by both consumers and the automotive industry as a resource for car-buying research and information. The company is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The company says that its website, kbb.com, attracts over 4 million unique visitors pr month and they generate nearly 30 million pricing reports per month.

The complete kbb.com list of the top 50 new cars researched on its website in January is as follows:

1 Chevrolet/GMC Pickups (Silverado & Sierra)
2 Ford Pickups (F Series)
3 Honda Accord
4 Toyota Camry
5 Honda Civic
6 Ford Explorer
7 Nissan Altima
8 BMW 3 Series
9 Chevrolet/GMC Tahoe/Yukon
10 Volkswagen Jetta
11 Toyota Tacoma
12 Volkswagen Passat
13 Honda Odyssey
14 Dodge Ram Pickups
15 Honda CR-V
16 Toyota Highlander
17 Ford Escape
18 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
19 Nissan Maxima
20 Jeep Grand Cherokee
21 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
22 Chrysler/Dodge Voyager/Caravan
23 Audi A4
24 Ford Mustang
25 Acura MDX
26 Jeep Liberty
27 BMW 5 Series
28 Toyota 4Runner
29 Nissan Xterra
30 Hyundai Santa Fe
31 Ford Focus
32 Toyota Sequoia
33 Toyota Tundra
34 BMW X5
35 Chevrolet/GMC S10/Sonoma
36 Dodge Dakota Pickups
37 Toyota Corolla
38 Acura TL
39 Ford Ranger
40 Nissan Frontier
41 Ford Expedition
42 Dodge Durango
43 Subaru Impreza
44 Chevrolet/GMC Blazer/Jimmy
45 Toyota RAV4
46 Nissan Pathfinder
47 Lexus RX 300
48 GMC Envoy
49 Nissan Sentra
50 Mitsubishi Eclipse