A national study of consumer interest in web-access equipment in new vehicles found demand is extremely price sensitive.

At $5 per month, 48 percent of the 5,126 respondents said they would be interested in having Internet access in their vehicle. At $25 per month, the rate collapses to less than 15 percent. And if the service costs more than $25, interest dwindles to 8 percent, according to CNW Marketing Research.

Art Spinella, CNW’s vice president said, “While the auto industry is intent on including some form of Internet access in their vehicles, it is clear consumers are less than enthusiastic at certain price points, regardless of how good the service or content.”

The Oregon-based research company forecasts that eventually more than 3.5 million new vehicles annually will be fitted with Internet-access hardware within five years. More than half of those, however, will be in business-fleet and company vehicles, not general consumer cars and trucks, the company says.

The results were part of a larger national study of vehicles and the Internet.

Over $25 $25 $20 $15 $10 $5
Favor 8.3% 14.7% 23.1% 32.1% 37.5% 48.3%
Oppose 68.2% 47.9% 26.9% 19.7% 16.1% 9.4%
Don't Know 23.5% 37.4% 50.0% 48.2% 46.4% 42.3%