Ficosa is building a new integrated production centre in The Highlands Industrial Park in Cookeville (Tennessee).

The new plant will have a total surface area of 270,000sq ft and will be one of the company’s most advanced factories worldwide. The project is costing about US$50m and will employ 900 people.

Javier Pujol, global CEO, said: “The new facility is a strategic move that will allow the consolidation of key operations and enable further future growth in one of the largest automobile markets in the world. Currently, the NAFTA region represents over 35% of the group’s global sales, making it our second largest market.”

Joan Cañellas, Ficosa North America’s CEO, said: “The new production centre in Cookeville will increase Ficosa North America’s competitiveness and efficiency, allowing us to provide even greater service to the OEMs.”

The supplier is spending on injection moulding, assembly lines, and a paint operation. Two new production processes will also be introduced: aluminium injection and the production of signal lights integrated into rear view mirrors. These components previously sourced from Mexico and Asia.

Primarily dedicated to producing rear-view mirrors, the Cookeville factory will supply automakers such as Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen and Nissan, among others, with capacity of 4.5m units a year. Construction will start at the beginning of June and the plant will be fully operational by the end of 2016.