Unions representing car workers at Ford’s Dagenham plant are meeting management in a bid to halt its closure (02/11/00).

Ford faces strike action from TGWU union members, if the company ends car assembly at Dagenham in 2002, costing thousands of jobs. But the TGWU union’s chief negotiator has admitted that it is very unlikely that management decisions can be reversed at this late stage.

Union worries centre on not only the Dagenham plant closure – but also the threat to other plants that rely on Dagenham for their own business survival. Businesses involved in the supply of components will face closure in the future.

During a meeting today with the vice-president of Ford, there will be an effort to try and secure the long term future of these other plants. The union wants assurances from Ford that there will be job and plant security for the remaining plants in Britain.

Dagenham workers will be asked whether they accept the company’s proposals for, on the one hand, new investment for a new engine, or are they prepared to fight to try to keep their own plant as an assembly plant open.