Nissan has launched an LPG conversion for four-, five-door and estate versions of its medium-size 1.8 SE Primera which carries a full three-year/60,000 mile manufacturer warranty.

With a litre of LPG costing UK drivers around 39 pence compared to around 79 pence per litre of unleaded petrol, Nissan claims a Primera driver could reduce annual fuel costs by nearly half – or more if a company driver has access to bunkered fuel, which can cost less than 30 pence per litre.

Nissan has qualified for a 70% grant towards the cost of the conversion through the UK government’s Powershift scheme, which leaves the converted Primera costing £1048 more than a standard 1.8 petrol model at £16,747-£17,747. However, LPG car drivers who travel in the new London congestion charging zone are exempt from the £5 daily charge.

The LPG Primera’s 155g/km CO2 emission level means the car will only incur company car tax at 15% of the list price, the lowest level.

The 59-litre LPG tank is fitted in the boot in place of the spare wheel and the original 62-litre petrol tank remains in place.

Buyers have the choice of a spare wheel on the boot floor or an instant tyre repair aerosol.

The Pharon sequential LPG system is installed by MSD Special Vehicle Engineering on a dedicated production line in Bletchley. MSD has been working on LPG conversions for the past three years and is also one of the UK’s leading rally car preparation companies.

“More and more fleets are looking at LPG because of its financial and environmental benefits,” said Nissan fleet sales director Dave Murfitt.

“The LPG model combines all the benefits of the standard Primera with the addition of a full warrantied conversion. We will evaluate the take-up on this model and then look at expanding our range of LPG models further in the future.”