Tata Motors-owned Jaguar seems to be taking a leaf out of former owner Ford’s book by replacing V8 and V6 engines with a supercharged three-litre V6 and a turbocharged two-litre I4.

The supercharged three-litre V6 is based on the five-litre V8 and will replace some versions in Jaguar models sold mainly for export. It will be available in 380hp and 340hp versions with the former making its debut in the upcoming F-type sports car in 2013.

Both engines will be hooked to eight-speed automatic transmissions (already used on the 2.2-litre I4 turbodiesel XF) and the V6 will have a stop-start system

The turbocharged two-litre I4 produces 240hp and is already used in some, mostly export, Land Rover Evoque versions though Jaguar will mount it longitudinally. It will replace a three-litre petrol V6, also sold overseas.