Ford Dagenham’s largest, most powerful wind turbine was completed as the blades were lifted into place last week. The 120m tall turbine, the third to be commissioned at Dagenham, is now contributing clean electricity to power engine production in the Dagenham Diesel Centre (DDC).

Groundwork for the third wind turbine began in June and construction of the tower and blades took just four days to finish.  The main assembly was completed when the 82m diameter windmill blades and hub were hoisted 80m into the air. This was carried out by one of the UK’s largest cranes, which was delivered to the site by four articulated trucks and itself required a 160-tonne crane to be assembled.

Increased production at the DDC required the installation of a third turbine to avoid use of non-renewable forms of generated electricity.

Chris Woolacott, Ford Dagenham Diesel Centre line manager, said:  “The Dagenham Diesel Centre is once again 100 per cent wind powered.”

Ecotricity and Ford have collaborated since 2004, when they created London’s first wind park at Dagenham.