Test World has converted its Finland Indoor 3 facility to pure ice, adding to the site’s capacity for indoor evaluation of the surface.

With updates to the EU Tyre Label and the new Ice Mark due next year, Test World says it has noted a significant increase in enquiries related to ice assessment at the Ivalo-based tyre evaluation facility.

Indoor 3 builds on Test World’s existing indoor ice offering, giving its customers access to tyre evaluation all year round.

“With the fast-approaching introduction of the new EU Tyre Label and Ice Mark, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of interest in ice testing,” said Test World MD, Janne Seurujärvi.

“This form of tyre testing is very difficult to achieve consistently outdoors, where changeable weather can be a limiting factor. In converting Indoor 3 to pure ice, we have ensured we can meet the requirements of our customers all year round.”

Test World opened the world’s largest indoor winter test facility in 2018, featuring natural snow and ice platforms and asphalt tracks for wet and dry braking, as well as aquaplaning. The facility allows tyre engineers to test products of all sizes on any surface throughout the year.

It also enables vehicle manufacturers to perform a range of vehicle dynamics, powertrain and driver assistance tests at temperatures as low as -13°C.

Test World has already started assessment for the proposed evaluation procedures with incoming EU legislation.