Tech company Tekion claims to have produced a ‘next-gen automotive retail platform’ that seamlessly connects key stakeholders of the industry creating a win-win opportunity. The platform, it is claimed, enables the maximum level of operational efficiencies, collaboration, personalised retail experiences and highest value to the ecosystem.

The company says the flagship product offering, Automotive Retail Cloud, is an industry-first cloud-native retail platform, including all functionalities of a Dealer Management System (DMS). This, it says, is a swift move in delivering a comprehensive DMS platform since Tekion entered the market with its digital Service Experience (dSE) product a year ago.

Automotive Retail Cloud, Tekion says, modernises the end-to-end automotive retail experience and connects consumers, dealers and OEMs ‘better than ever before’.

Tekion is founded and led by Jay Vijayan, former CIO of Tesla, Inc., who was responsible for building Tesla’s digital and information systems and software platform.

“Today’s consumers receive outstanding personalized retail experiences from companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Disney. Why shouldn’t they expect the same in their vehicle acquisition and service needs? Tekion will be the trailblazer for enabling the modernization of the entire customer journey and providing the best experiences, period. It’s time to even the playing field for the automotive industry,” said Jay Vijayan, CEO of Tekion.

Jerry Yang, founder of AME Cloud Ventures, co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo, current independent Board of Director in Alibaba Inc., and Workday Inc., and an investor in Tekion stated, “Tekion has the tremendous opportunity to disrupt software in the automotive industry, much like how current enterprise leaders like Salesforce and Workday have done in their respective industries. Jay and his team are delivering an innovative, customer-centric SaaS platform that seamlessly revolutionises every part of the automotive retail ecosystem and brings value to all stakeholders.”

Tekion’s most recent funding round was led by General Motors. Steve Hill, US Vice President of Sales, Service and Marketing at General Motors said: “Managing all of the information flowing in and out of dealerships using cloud-based systems is the future and we are excited about Tekion’s state-of-the-art solutions to help drive higher customer satisfaction and overall dealer performance.”