Volvo Trucks reports that it increased its deliveries by six percent in 2002 compared with the previous year. Some 69,483 trucks were delivered despite a change over in production with lower volumes at the beginning of the year.

Volvo says that the launch of the new product range contributed to a very successful year for Volvo Trucks.

According to the truck maker, the total world market for heavy trucks hit an all-time high at about 880,000 units. China accounted for a major proportion of the significant increase in demand.

All the market divisions contributed to Volvo Trucks’ upturn, but growth was greatest in Asia, where several countries noted record sales, among them China (1,049, +89 percent) and South Korea (833, +71 percent). Iran was the largest market in Asia, increasing to 2,372 (+ 179 percent). Despite a shrinking total market in Brazil, Volvo increased sales (+3 percent) and became market leader.

Volvo says that the European division had a very successful year with the launch of the new truck range FH and FM. However, Volvo Trucks’ total market share in Western Europe dropped to 14.1 percent (14.4 percent previous year).

In the USA, Volvo Trucks North America increased deliveries by 14 percent, as customers chose to bring forward fleet renewal ahead of forthcoming new tougher emissions regulations (EPA02), which came into force on October 1, 2002. The new Volvo VN Series was launched during the autumn 2002 and Volvo claims that it is the only truck model that has been optimised to meet the new EPA02 norms. The company says that more than 6,000 orders have been taken for the VN.

Volvo Truck says that the new product range ‘received a remarkably enthusiastic welcome and demand far exceeded the company’s expectations’. The company adds that the main factories in Europe have been operating at full capacity. The factory in Curitiba, Brazil, also helped cut delivery times by supplying cabs for the Volvo FH and Volvo FM.