Saab CEO Victor Muller is to meet his four unions later today (10 August) following last week’s settlement of outstanding salaries to white-collar staff.

The automaker’s engineering labour body – Sveriges Ingengorer – as well as the Unionen, IF Metall and Ledarna organisations are to meet in Saab’s Trollhattan headquarters to be updated on the manufacturer’s situation.

Both Sveriges Ingengorer and Unionen had warned they would send letters to Saab detailing wages owed – a move potentially leading to bankruptcy claims – but a deal brokered between the manufacturer and GEM Global Yield Fund resulted in payment of August salaries.

However, Unionen is not optimistic all the issues surrounding Saab will be finalised at today’s meeting. “I think the question could not be answered in whole today,” Unionen chief legal adviser Martin Waestfelt told just-auto. “You could say our duty today is to say this is very important for our members to get more and correct information.

“The way the company has handled the situation is not OK. The direction from our members is they need more information and more details about the plans.”

Waestfelt added his members needed better information “than they could read in the newspaper” and is calling on Muller to give a “high priority” to providing that information.

Despite the complex nature of securing new finance, Waestfelt said he had noticed more positive news surrounding Saab, although lack of production remained critical.

“Of course every day without production, the debt is higher so it is complicated to see the whole solution,” he said.

It is not clear yet how Saab will pay its August salaries or if it will be able to restart on 29 August – a previously stated aim.