Renault-Samsung’s new SM3, the smallest car in its range, will be exported under the Nissan brand to various global markets in 2006.

Volume for this version will be 30,000 vehicles per year and it will go into production in the Busan plant in January 2006. Renault President and CEO Carlos Ghosn announced during a two-day trip to Korea.

Ghosn emphasised the key role of RSM in the Renault-Nissan Alliance as a supplier of sedans and, in future SUVs.

RSM has existed for only five years and sold 85,098 cars in 2004. To the end of October sales were up 42.9% year on year, helped by the introduction of a third model line called the SM7. Its current models are derived from Nissan vehicles – the SM7 is similar to the Maxima.

The planned C-SUV project is a key project for RSM, and it will be a new step in its co-operation within the Alliance. This SUV will be sold under both the RSM and Renault brands and will be produced at Busan from 2007.

Other ongoing projects include manufacturing of the M1G engine, feasibility studies for new vehicles and various design projects, as RSM Design is the Asian Design hub for the Renault group.