Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa has announced that, with immediate effect, the prices of selected parts pertaining to Ford Fiesta, and the service and crashparts for Ford Mondeo and Mazda Etude models are to be reduced by between 26 and nearly 50 percent.

Although Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa have been engaged in high level negotiations with Ford Headquarters on parts pricing for some time, it was Ford Motor Company’s increased investment in South Africa earlier this year that accelerated the pace of the price changes.

“This is one of the exciting and proactive spin-offs which we have enjoyed since we became Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa last month,” says Mr. John Jenkerson, Marketing Manager for the Customer Services Division of FMCSA. “The vision of our Company is to become the leading consumer company for automotive products and services in Southern Africa and we intend to continue developing the trust that consumers have in our brands through the quality of support that we provide for products and services and through our actions.”

“We have taken a basket of parts which is traditionally included in “parts surveys” published by the press and have worked hard, together with the co-operation of our dealers, to reduce the overall level of pricing.”

“The positive result is that the overall service and maintenance costs of our Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo and Mazda Etude vehicle ranges will be considerably reduced for all parties – the Full Maintenance Leasing companies, rental companies, fleetowners and of course the private buyer,” says Mr. Jenkerson. “Also, this reduction in parts pricing will also enable us to reduce the price of our maintenance plans and even further improve the operating costs on these models.”