Hyundai Motor still has yet to choose the site for a €1.1 billion car plant in central Europe, the company reportedly said on Tuesday in response to speculation it had picked Slovakia over Poland.

“The company has not decided on the European plant site yet. The company plans to announce the site at the end of February as planned,” Hyundai Motor spokesman Jake Jang told Reuters in Seoul.

Following Hyundai’s denial, Poland also said it was still in the running for the project.

“Very intensive talks are going on — very specific talks, which gives us the impression that Hyundai is considering Poland’s offer very seriously and in great detail,” Andrzej Szejna, deputy head of investment agency PAIiIZ, told Reuters.

A spokesman from Slovakia’s economy ministry, which is in charge of negotiations with Hyundai, told the news agency it was not aware that Hyundai had made a choice.

Reuters noted that Hyundai sources last month said the carmaker may be leaning towards Slovakia because of its lower production costs and for other reasons.