General Motors was reported to have said on Friday that its biggest supplier, Delphi, had “ample solutions” to emerge from bankruptcy even if the co-leader of a proposed $US3.4bn investment withdrew support.

Asked if the likely withdrawal of Cerberus Capital Management from a group of investors backing Delphi would jeopardise a deal to bring the supplier out of bankruptcy, GM CEO Rick Wagoner told Reuters there should be other opportunities.

“I don’t think it necessarily complicates things. I think there’s still ample solutions,” Wagoner reportedly said at a briefing in China ahead of the Shanghai motor show.

“I don’t think that given the state of availability of private capital in the US today that getting other investors interested is per se a problem. But it is going to be up to the Delphi board to decide how they want to handle that,” the news agency quoted the GM chief as saying.

Delphi said earlier this week it expects Cerberus to withdraw from the proposed investment aimed at bringing the parts maker out of its 2005 bankruptcy, Reuters noted.