Scania and logistics provider, HAVI are to collaborate using the manufacturer’s New Generation lorries and solutions in transport operations to and from McDonald’s restaurants in several European countries.

In the partnership HAVI will switch about 70% of its total truck fleet for those European countries which are in scope of the project to vehicles that run on alternative fuels, such as gas and hybrid models.

In deliveries to customers such as McDonald’s restaurants, CO2 emissions will be continuously monitored in real time, bringing existing fleet connectivity to the next level.

This significant transformation of HAVI’s fleet is expected to lead to CO2 reductions of between 15% and 40% for every kilometre driven, depending on route, fuel and traffic conditions.

“Innovation is absolutely critical to our sustainability journey and to use our scale for good.” said McDonald’s global logistics director, Chris Yong.

“Our work with companies like HAVI and Scania takes a proactive approach to finding and implementing more sustainable supply chain solutions and contributes to our global supply chain and sustainability strategy.”

HAVI is a logistics provider of sustainable logistics and supply chain solutions for the food service industry.

Gas and hybrid lorries from Scania are designed to generate nearly zero air pollution. The trucks are also quieter and have low-noise cooling equipment.

“Leaders in business have a responsibility to drive change,” added HAVI logistics president, Haluk Ilkdemirci. “In this partnership we are setting a new standard for urban deliveries. We are not only discussing plans, but actually implementing measures here and now to benefit the communities where we operate.”

In Italy, Scania and HAVI have been collaborating on Euro 6 gas trucks for many years. New engines, driver training and continuous monitoring of deliveries in real time have together helped to reduce CO2 emissions by around 50% between 2015 and 2017 in HAVI’s Italian operations.

“It’s very important for us to continuously reduce CO2 emissions and noise when we drive these big trucks into city centres, with all their historical buildings and many people living and working there,” noted HAVI managing director, Nerio Zurli.

Every night the fleet of gas-powered trucks from Scania leaves HAVI’s logistics centres in Italy for early morning deliveries to restaurants in city centres such as Verona, Milan, Rome, Ferrara and Florence.