SAIC’s design studio has shown a concept that it says is a vision of future mobility that explores the boundaries between urban mobility and wearable technology.

The vehicle is also described as a fusion between a car and a motorbike. The R RYZR – developed for SAIC’s EV-only ‘R’ brand – is a car that you actually ‘wear’ the company says. It features a jacket and a vehicle that interlock to start it, with no need for a key.

SAIC says it was designed to recognise the shift away from crowded public transport and the need for more instinctive experiences. It offers an escape from crowded spaces by combining cutting-edge technical apparel and augmented reality, the company says.

“R RYZR is an exciting and visceral vision of the future of urban travel,” said Carl Gotham. “By exploring the unconventional, it unlocks new modes of transports for the future, new experiences and new emotions.”

The concept is designed to ‘achieve the ultimate ease of use’ – motorcycle agility with car-like stability, while the RYZR clothing concept means no need for an app or a key – the vehicle simply recognises the owner’s jacket instead.

“R RYZR is a useful, agile, practical, and exciting form of urban transport,” added Carl Gotham. “It combines the aesthetic of cutting-edge technical apparel and augmented reality with futurism. It’s an exploration of unconventional mode of transports for the future – new architectures, new experiences and new emotions.”