Suzuki plans to decide in late March whether it will delay the launch of its future car assembly plant in Russia by one year.

News agenecy TASS reported that the firm said earlier that it might delay the launch of the plant due to decreased demand for cars amid the global financial crisis.

In June 2007, Suzuki signed an agreement to build the 30,000 pa capacity plant in St Petersburg.

Initially, the carmaker planned to launch the plant in July-December 2009, but the launch was then postponed till 2010 due to problems at the construction site.

The 3bn rouble plant, originally to be constructed in the city’s Shushary-2 industrial area, has run into complications with Suzuki forced to find additional funds to excavate peat discovered on the construction site.

The St Petersburg region is home to numerous Western automakers with plants either in operation or under construction. Ford was a pioneer with a plant –  since expanded – to make the Focus.