AvtoVAZ has said that its sales were at 29,300 units in February, flat on the month.
The company did not provide an on-the-year comparison. However, data published by the AEB last week showed a decline for AvtoVAZ/Lada of 36% on February 2008 (the Russian car market as a whole was down by 38%).
AvtoVAZ it sold 10,500 Lada Kalina cars, 15,500 Lada Samara cars, 12,700 Lada 2105/2107 cars, 3,000 Lada 4×4 vehicles, and 16,800 Lada 110/Lada Priora cars in January-February, the company said.

AvtoVAZ also exported 3,300 Lada cars in January-February, it also said.
AvtoVAZ has projected a 37% drop in its output this year to 590,000 cars and assembly kits.