Renault Group named Francois Provost as group chief purchasing officer and managing director of Alliance Purchasing Organisation (APO), effective 1 February 2023. He will report to Luca de Meo, CEO Renault Group.

Provost retains current responsibility for group partnerships and public affairs.

“In today’s fast-changing automotive industry, purchasing is being reshaped in-depth by new technology and the need to forge new relationships with our suppliers’ ecosystem to foster value, reduce our impact, and widen our coverage of the new value chain. Provost has a large and global experience across the entire automotive sector. His proven track record in developing successful and innovative partnerships will be a major asset to tackle our next challenges,” said de Meo.

Provost succeeds Gianluca De Ficchy who becomes CEO of Mobilize.

De Ficchy will be responsible for Mobilize Financial Services and Mobilize Beyond Automotive brands, in order to strengthen the cooperation between the two entities and confirm the development of Renault Group in new mobilities, supported by automotive financing services. He will rely on Joao Miguel Leandro, CEO of Mobilize Financial Services and Fedra Ribeiro, CEO of Mobilize Beyond Automotive.