Protean Electric and the Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area (THT), have announced their plan to start manufacturing in-wheel motors in Tianjin during the second half of 2016 and to construct a factory on a permanent site within THT by the end of next year.

THT, part of the Tianjin Binhai New Area, is a State-designated innovation area and a ‘Future Science and Technology City.’ THT says it is committed to promoting industries around new energy vehicles, renewable energy, advanced IT and manufacturing equipment.

“THT is determined to enable hundreds of ‘billion-dollar businesses’ in EV, battery, battery materials, electric motor, controller, charging hardware manufacturing and operation, EV-sharing and leasing and other EV value chain players, as core industries in THT,” said THT vice director, Wang Wei.

Protean Electric is the leader in in-wheel motor and its business mission aligns well with THT. We are committed to supporting Protean’s expansion and development in Tianjin.”

For his part, Protean Electric CEO, KY Chan added: “We’ve found THT an ideal location to establish our manufacturing base.

“Protean’s in-wheel motors are set to change power-train configurations of electric and hybrid electric vehicles and revolutionise electric drive systems across the automotive industry.”

THT and Protean Electric also say they have entered into an agreement under which THT is extending tax incentives and other supports to Protean Electric in establishing its manufacturing and China corporate and customer service headquarters base in Tianjin.