A Slovakian newspaper reports that Porsche is to build a new assembly plant in Slovakia. The report in the Dennik N newspaper says the new EUR250m plant would employ 1,200 and that the company has filed for regulatory approvals to build it.

The report says the new plant is to be located in the Povazi region with production scheduled to start in 2027.

Porsche already has a tooling plant in Slovakia and has been constructing an engineering centre there.

The central European state of Slovakia is an EU member and has secured a number of major auto industry investments, benefitting from relatively low labour rates and low real estate costs as well as a highly skilled and well educated labour force. Good transport communications are also a big plus.

Automakers with manufacturing facilities in Slovakia include Volkswagen, PSA, JLR and Kia and the small country is said to have the highest level of per capita car manufacturing in the world (1.1m cars manufactured there in 2019).