Novares has opened its first Romanian plant near Pitesti, producing automotive components using plastic injection techniques, days after rebranding from Mecaplast-Key.

The Group has established itself in Romania to be close to its main customer, Dacia to support Duster and Logan models, with 40 initial staff planned to rise to 80 by year-end with this number eventually rising to 130.

Similar to their product offering in Gebze, Turkey, the Mioveni plant is expected to produce solutions for customers such as air filters and automotive roof rails.

In 2018, the company is planning to add a full painting line for roof bars and most likely to extend its local knowledge to the additional product line of interiors and car body trims.

As a technical component and systems provider, multi-specialist in plastics, Novares offers car manufacturers and Tier-1s with a portfolio of seven product lines: Engine components; e-powertrain components; bezels & clusters; air vents & deco trims; interior & car body trim as well as handles and exterior paint & surfaces.

“I am pleased to see the Mioveni inauguration taking place after our new brand launch in the market,” said Novares CEO, Pierre Boulet.

“We affirm our growth strategy and expansion ambition because we believe global proximity is what our customers’ request – complete solutions for pragmatic service and more responsiveness.”