Morocco's Ministry of Trade and Industry has said the North African country has reached nearly 81 percent of its goal in the Industrial Acceleration Plan (IAP) to boost jobs and that job creation has been strongest in Morocco's burgeoning automotive sector.

According to Morocco World News, the ministry said that, between 2014 and 2018, industries created 405,496 jobs. The automotive industry recorded the strongest job creation. The sector created 116,611 jobs in that time frame, representing 28.8 percent of all new jobs in the time period.

The ministry said that the sector is still growing. The automotive sector is followed by textiles with 79,300 jobs created.

In recent years, Morocco's King Mohammed VI has suggested that vocational training might be an important solution to reduce unemployment and integrate youth into the job market.

A number of automotive suppliers have set up facilities in Morocco in recent years, including Gestamp, Ficosa, Nexteer and Varroc Lighting.