Nissan Mexicana plans to counter a fall in U.S. demand for new Sentras by concentrating
its marketing efforts on the Mexican domestic market, according to a report in
the financial newspaper El Economista.

Nissan Mexicana currently exports half of all its production and plans to make
340,000 vehicles this year.

Sales of the redesigned 2001 Sentra, a key U.S. export model, in Mexico have
exceeded expectations, according to the company, and local sales for the first
two months of the year were up 18 percent from a year ago.

As part of its bid to focus on domestic sales, Nissan Mexicana is to release
a redesigned version of its hugely popular, but ageing Tsuru sedan (based on
an earlier Sentra), according to the report.

The new Tsuru model reportedly will feature a redesigned exterior, with most
of the vehicle’s engineering and other components unchanged.