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Mazda to launch 13 electrified vehicles by 2025

By Graeme Roberts 18 Jun 2021

Mazda, easing into the EV sector with the recently launched MX-30, plans an electrified range by 2025.

Mazda Motor has announced plans to launch 13 electrified vehicle models in its main markets by 2025, as its first milestone towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The models, several of which will be based on its “SkyActiv multi-solution scalable architecture”, will consist of five hybrid, five plug-in hybrid and three battery-powered EV models. Some will also incorporate Toyota’s hybrid system.

Mazda will introduce these models in key markets such as Japan, Europe, US, China and the ASEAN region from 2022.

The company aims to electrify its entire product range by 2030 with battery powered EVs expected to account for 25% of total output, helped by the development of a scalable platform specifically designed for EVs.

Senior managing executive officer, Ichiro Hirose, told reporters EVs would be developed independently, using technology developed both in-house and by Toyota and Denso.

The company said in terms of new safety technologies, it was looking to deploying its human-centric autonomous driving system “Mazda Co-pilot Concept” in its vehicles from next year. This allows a car to switch to automated driving, pull over or stop cars in case the driver becomes incapacitated.