Mann + Hummel has finalised its acquisition of Affinia’s global filtration operations, which manufacture the Wix and Filtron brand of filters.

“The addition of the Wix and Filtron brands to Mann + Hummel strengthens our global presence with an expanded product portfolio and access to new markets,” said Mann + Weber president and CEO, Alfred Weber.

“Our joint 150 years of experience, complementary competencies, and 20,000 employees worldwide ensure we will continue to grow and serve our customers with the best in filtration solutions.”

The two companies will bring together on- and off-road and industrial filtration solutions. Affinia’s filtration business, specialises in the oil, fuel, hydraulic and coolant filter aftermarket.

Mann + Hummel will lead the Group as a new business unit based in North Carolina in the US.

Keith Wilson, previously CEO and president of Affinia, will retain his executive function as president and CEO of Mann Filtration Technology and report to Manfred Wolf, supervisory board chairman of the acquired company.