DRB-Hicom, owner of Lotus parent Proton, has issued a statement to say that it has not decided to sell Lotus.

The statement follows media speculation and rumours that DRB-Hicom is considering selling Lotus or sending it into administration.

DRB-Hicom also confirms in the statement that it is currently undertaking an operations audit on Lotus Group, as part of its governance exercise.  “Contrary to reports that Lotus Group would be put under administration, DRB-HICOM is still supporting Lotus Group, both financially and management wise,” the statement says.

DRB-Hicom also says in the statement that it has sent a Proton manager to Lotus to strengthen its management.

“DRB-Hicom has not decided to sell Lotus Group and do not know the source of the speculation about selling Lotus Group to a Chinese party i.e Youngman.  As of today, DRB-HICOM has identified one of Proton’s Senior Management personnel to take up a position in Lotus Group in an effort to strengthen its management.”