Live Earth says it will work with Inrix to bring real-time visualisation to the transportation industry.

Managing complex transportation systems for a city, state or region requires monitoring a variety of live data feeds for public transit, weather, vehicle traffic, parking availability, live traffic information and more.

Live Earth synchronises data from multiple systems on an interactive map and leverages Inrix traffic intelligence, parking services and traffic cameras to provide a single fused picture allowing organisations to understand quickly and act fast.

Live Earth synchronises multiple data streams, and provides instant replay to allow play, pause and rewind of various data layers on a map.

“With the swipe of your finger, you can now animate traffic congestion over multiple hours at multiple different playback speeds,” said Live Earth CEO, Jeff Carpenter.

“Put simply, this is something no other map can do. Synchronising multiple data feeds provides deep context and the ability to quickly and visually correlate events and congestion.”

With Inrix, Live Earth now has acces to a driver network which includes more than 300m connected vehicles and devices, covering more than 5m miles of roads, ramps and interchanges.