Lear Corporation has announced that it has signed Carmera, described as a leader in real-time, high-definition maps for autonomous mobility, as a development partner in its EXO Technology Partnership programme.

Lear’s EXO high-accuracy vehicle positioning technology is a proprietary Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry and drive change through increased accuracy, reliability and functional safety in vehicle positioning.

“Partnering with Carmera and its robust, real-time HD mapping platform is a natural fit for our EXO vehicle positioning technology,” said Eric Partington, vice president, Connectivity at Lear. “As the industry adopts advanced systems such as V2X safety communications and increasing levels of autonomy, having highly accurate and reliable GNSS positioning technology paired with high-definition mapping services becomes critical. Our joint development activity will help to make this a reality.”

EXO Technology provides highly accurate, near-instant positioning in some of the most challenging weather and urban canyon environments. The cloud computing and software-based technology enables the deployment of advanced autonomous mobility solutions by working with standard automotive GNSS receivers to deliver fast, centimetre-level accuracy anywhere on the globe.

Carmera is a leader in the HD mapping space, providing real-time, high-definition maps and critical data for autonomous vehicle navigation. As part of the initial development, Lear will provide EXO technology to test alongside Carmera’s highly-accurate, feature-rich HD map to establish a baseline for future development of Carmera’s camera-based localisation integrated with EXO GNSS. This could be used in both urban canyon and highway environments.

“Using Carmera’s millions of miles of driving video collected to date, as well as our diverse partner ecosystem around the world, we’ve built a feature-rich, sensor and schema-agnostic HD mapping framework to support safe, autonomous vehicle navigation in nearly any driving situation,” said Ro Gupta, CEO of Carmera. “We were intrigued when we first heard about Lear’s complementary vision in our space, and are very happy to initiate this relationship that allows us to further develop our camera-only feature detection and change management system to cost-effectively map highways and cities. All of this underscores our continuing commitment to deliver solutions that support autonomy for all.”

The EXO Technology Partnership programme is a collaborative effort between Lear, automotive OEMs and other ecosystem players that provides a full, automotive-grade solution for V2X and Level 2/3 autonomous driving features.