From 1 October, Latvia’s Wess Auto Grupa will stop selling new BMW vehicles, focusing on the sale and service of Lexus and Toyota automobiles and continuing to provide authorised BMW service.

Sweden’s BMW BMW Baltic decided not to extending its dealership contract with the company, Latvian News Service said.

Wess Auto Grupa has been an authorised BMW representative for seven years, strengthening BMW leading positions in the segment of premium automobiles, investing huge amounts of assets and business development and becoming one of the exemplary BMW dealers in Europe, Wess Auto Grupa Council chairman Aleksandrs Oskins said.

The report said Wess was puzzled after receiving BMW Baltic’s decision on not extending its dealership agreement. It suspects BMW Baltic wants to focus BMW representation in Latvia within a single international company, according to Oskins.

In the future, the company will focus more on Lexus and Toyota automobile business, as well as developing Honda service in Latvia.