Toyota Motor Company (TMC) has announced today that it plans to begin reorganising its capital relationships with national marketing and sales companies (NMSCs) in Europe on April 1. Toyota said that this is being done in an effort to increase sales and marketing efficiency and to enhance the cooperation between “manufacturing companies” and “sales and marketing companies”.

By rearranging capital ties with European NMSCs, 12 TMC sales and marketing subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Europe will become subsidiaries or affiliated companies of Toyota Motor Marketing Europe (TMME), which is in charge of coordinating Toyota’s European sales and marketing activities. This development is aimed at improving the effectiveness of Toyota’s sales structures in Europe and at accelerating their decision-making processes.

The organisations concerned are: Toyota Deutschland G.m.b.H., Toyota (GB) PLC, Toyota Motor Italia S.p.A., Toyota France S.A., Toyota España,S.L.U. , Toyota Danmark A/S, Toyota Motor Finland Oy, Toyota Sweden Holding AB, Toyota Motor Poland Company Limited Sp.zo.o, OOO “Toyota Motor” (Russia), Toyota Motor Czech, and Toyota Motor Hungary Kft.

Toyota says that the new structure will allow the 12 national sales and marketing companies to focus on key sales and marketing activities in their respective countries, while making optimal use of available resources through the synergies created.

In recent years, vehicle makers have sought to gain greater controle of their sales operations in Europe. Toyota, for example, took control of its Toyota (GB) distributor in 1998.