The two millionth Ducato van has just rolled off the production line at Sevel, in Val di Sangro, Italy.

Production of the Ducato began in 1981 and the second generation was launched in 1994. By now, it was no longer seen as a single basic model with many specification variants, but rather as a number of different vehicles specialised for different payloads and operations. The designers succeeded in producing no fewer than 2000 variants.

The Ducato is made under the ‘SEVEL’ agreement between Fiat and PSA.

The agreement was signed in 1978 and led to the setting up of a joint venture that was recently extended to 2017. The SEVEL plant in Italy, the production site of the Ducato and corresponding PSA models (which both manufacturers market independently) produces around 250,000 vehicles a year.

“The Ducato story proves that a well designed and built vehicle can stay one step ahead of the competition year after year,” says Gerry Clarke, managing director, Fiat Professional in the UK.

“And this tradition of innovation will continue to produce new versions so as to satisfy the needs of all types of customer.”