Hindustan Motors has launched the Harit C-1500, a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered
version of its 1500cc Ambassador Classic car, the Economic Times reported.

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The newspaper said that Hindustan, whose Ambassador is essentially an updated
1950s Morris Oxford, was trying to cash in on the rising demand for gas-powered
vehicles in the Indian capital New Delhi.

Citing Hindustan’s marketing vice-president G L Reddy, the Economic Times
said that the company was also ready to launch a liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
version of the car.

The CNG Ambassador is targeted at taxi buyers and Hindustan would also rename
its existing 1800cc CNG model, fitted with a Japanese Isuzu engine, as the Harit
C-1800, Reddy said according to the Economic Times report.

The newspaper added that an air-conditioned version would soon be offered while
the CNG models would be available to non-taxi buyers within three months.

The Economic Times quoted Reddy as saying that Hindustan planned to double
CNG-fuelled car sales to 3,000 this fiscal year with the new 1.5-litre model
accounting for 1.600 units.

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