Hyundai Mobis says it has become the first company in South Korea and the second in the world to successfully develop the next-generation electronic integrated regenerative brake system known as iMEB (Integrated Mobis Electronic Brake), for vehicles such as hybrid cars and EVs. 

IMEB, developed by Hyundai Mobis, is a brake system integrating the pressure supply unit and the pressure controller of the regenerative brake system into a single electronic system, reducing cost and weight by more than 30%. 

The company notes it is now also possible to integrate brake functionality, such as ESC (Electronic Stability Control), ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System), SCC (Smart Cruise Control) and AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking). 

As the electronic version is able to transmit electric signals, unlike the hydraulic version which transmits power with which drivers activate brakes to trigger use of brake fluid, the system responds faster maintains Hyundai Mobis.