Honda has revealed plans to launch two all-electric SUVs in the USA in the 2024 model year, according to reports citing Honda of America's head of sales Dave Gardner, as the company anticipates tougher emissions targets and growing demand for low- and zero-emission vehicles in the country.

The Japanese automaker also said it plans to launch hybrid petrol-electric versions of its top-selling models in the country.

The state of California has already announced it will ban sales of new internal-combustion vehicles from 2035 and other states are expected to introduce similar legislation, while the Biden administration is also focusing on zero emissions legislation at federal level as part of its greener policy initiatives.

Mr Gardner said one of the battery-powered SUVs will be sold under the Honda brand and the other under its luxury Acura brand. He confirmed that both models will be based on a platform resulting from the company's partnership with General Motors, with Honda producing the bodies. Further details will be released later this year, he added.

While Mr Gardner accepted that Honda is not "leading the race" in the electric vehicle segment, he said the company will continue to make efforts to reduce emissions from its internal combustion vehicles in order to meet stricter emissions standards. The company is targeting being carbon-neutral by 2050.

The company sold a total of 1,346,788 vehicles in the USA last year, down by over 16% on 2019 volumes.