Shell New Energies subsidiary, Greenlots is working with Columbus Yellow Cab to install public DC fast charging (DCFC) stations at the taxi company’s depot facility and along several heavily trafficked routes throughout central Ohio.

To date, Yellow Cab has been charging its EV fleet with Level 2 charging infrastructure, limiting the number of miles each vehicle can drive per day due to long charging times.

By deploying DCFC stations backed by Greenlots’ network operating platform, Yellow Cab’s operators can significantly decrease charging times, monitor their fleet in real time and increase the utilisation of each vehicle on the road.

“The electrification of fleets will play a pivotal role in transforming our transportation system,” said Greenlots CEO, Brett Hauser.

“Our charging technology offers fleet owners a simple, scalable solution to maximise the benefits of going electric, including maintenance and fuel cost savings and increased operational efficiency.”

Founded in 1928, Yellow Cab has been in business in Ohio for 91 years. The company is leveraging Greenlots’ expertise in deploying and managing high-powered EV charging solutions to bring DCFC stations to its own depot facility and additional publicly accessible in-route locations throughout Columbus and central Ohio.

These chargers, backed by Greenlots’ SKY EV Charging Network Software, will allow Yellow Cab to sustainably expand its electrified fleet and provide fast charging infrastructure for Ohio drivers to promote local EV adoption.

“Our fleet drives over ten million miles per year in the Columbus area, and because of this we feel that it is our company’s responsibility to help the community take serious steps towards electrified transportation,” said Columbus Yellow Cab CEO and owner, Morgan Kauffman.

“With this project, we’re showing local residents that EVs are a viable substitution for traditional internal combustion vehicles and challenging them to rethink their transportation decisions. If we can go electric, so can many other daily drivers across Ohio.

“Greenlots has been instrumental in allowing us to provide this service through their turnkey offering. Planning, deployment and management are made seamless with their help.”

Locations for the public chargers are being selected through a collaborative project between Yellow Cab and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in which 70m GPS data points are collected and analysed to discover optimal charging locations.

With the new stations, local EV drivers will have access to affordable and fast charging infrastructure which will not disrupt grid operations.

Yellow Cab’s work in central Ohio has been made possible through collaboration with Smart Columbus, a US Department of Transportation-funded smart cities initiative for the region.