The president of Lower Saxony, Christian Wulff, has attacked the European Commission  for undermining European automotive companies and their competitiveness.

Speaking in the Handelsblatt newspaper, Wulff said that that the Commission is introducing a raft of uncoordinated proposals to meet the European Union (EU) goal of making Europe competitive and a technology leader. Instead, he says the EU should be thinking long-term about the viability of its companies. “A lot would be achieved in terms of international competitivness, if the EU planned new regulations more carefully.”

Wulff said that the EU has made a long list of bad decisions regarding the automotive sectors. “It cannot be right that such a highly complex industry as vehicle manufacturing should be continuously burdened with new regulations.”

Wulff said it is a problem that just two EU member states have domestic automotive industries, namely Germany and France, and that the majority of member states do not house any major vehicle production. All member states nevertheless join the debate about new conditions for automotive companies.